Tuesday, 21 March 2006

1890 British and Irish Passenger Lists

The Origins Network are now starting to make available abstracts of 1890 passenger lists from British & Irish ports to US and Canadian destinations. These are compiled from the original lists held at The National Archives, London, which have never been previously indexed. The names of over 100,000 passengers are included. The 1890 lists cover a total of 455 sailings, from ports all over the British Isles. The number of sailings is as follows: Bristol: 10 sailings, Hull: 22, Liverpool: 104 (Jan - Mar only - none will have come to Quebec City), London: 50, Southampton: 90, Galway: 48, Londonderry: 170, Queenstown (Cork): 323, Dundee: 16, Glasgow: 158, Swansea: 38. To find them go to http://www.britishorigins.com/ and scroll down to Passenger Lists. This is a commercial site.

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