Friday, 4 August 2006

Irish Collection

I ran across this large collection of free new resources for Irish family history at the web site for Library Ireland.

Until recently I had not appreciated how severely Irish immigration to Canada went into decline in the second half of the 19th century. "Unlike the experience of the United States the famine dispora heralded the closing phase of Irish Catholic migration to British North America. Between 1846 and 1850, only 230,000 Irish came to the Atlantic colonies and the Canadas." By 1901 the Irish born population of Ontario was only 3.2% and declined to 2.0% in 1911.

The collection seems like a mixed bag, and by the look of the dates a bit late to be of great interest to the folks with Irish ancestors who settled in Canada, unless perhaps to find ancestors who remained.

Cork County Directory 1862
Clare County Directory 1862
Cavan County Directory 1862
Ulster Towns Directory, 1910: Annalong, County Down
Ulster Towns Directory, 1910: Aghalee, County Antrim
Ulster Towns Directory, 1910: Antrim
The Scotch-Irish in Canada
Landing of the French at Killala
The Scotch-Irish of Pennsylvania
The Scotch-Irish of Ohio
Epilogue (1922-1930)
The Treaty
War and Conciliation
Sinn Fein and the Rising of Easter Week, 1916
John Redmond and Home Rule
Parnell and the Land League
Remedial Legislation
Young Ireland and the Fenians
The Famine
O'Connell and Emancipation
The Union
Revolution and Rebellion
Grattan's Parliament
The Struggle for Legislative Independence
Commercial Disabilities

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