Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Should I switch?

Back in March I posted suggestions for improving Family Tree Maker, the genealogy software I've used for many years. This weekend I had a chance to talk to Geoff Rasmussen from Legacy Family Tree at the OGS Seminar and asked about two of the three concerns with FTM mentioned in the previous post. I didn't ask about the other, recording DNA information, as the Legacy web site mentions that the product has a capability to record DNA results, although can't do anything with them.

Asked about the capability to include sources, Geoff explained the existing capability, and mentioned the company is working on simplifying source input for version 7.0, due later this year. Asked about mapping he intimated that there may be integration with Google Maps in the next version.

I remain concerned about Legacy's range of charts. Legacy reportedly requires an add-on Charting Companion at extra cost to be competitive. Someone who knows both FTM and Legacy told me last year he runs Legacy, but retains FTM for its superior charting capability.

The bottom line is that I shall be taking a serious look at Legacy when the next major release arrives.

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