Saturday, 8 September 2007

Ancestors in the Attic II - episode 3

This episode first sullied the TV universe on History TV Canada last Saturday, and, like acid reflux, made an unwelcome return on Wednesday. It was awful. Was the producer aiming to beat some Guinness world record for camp TV?

Supposedly the episode explored how to investigate the history of a property. That's research many genealogists eventually stray into. The resources used, city directories, land and assessment records, and photograph collections are a bit different from the sources used in most genealogical research. There's scope for some good TV programming, scope which remains unimpaired after this episode.

The first segment was about Hat Creek ranch in BC, supposedly haunted. What were we treated to? The host acting as if staggering under the weight of a trunk thrown from the top of a stagecoach, which didn't have the benefit of horses. A mock séance. A supposed overnight stay in a haunted room. All accompanied by overblown theatrics. Worse, there were people identified as associated with the history of the house on the flimsiest of evidence. The worst segment in the whole series to date.

The second segment was almost as bad. The researcher was shown outside an old Toronto building, supposedly thinking he was speaking to the owner. He leaves to research the house, and returns to report to the same person still in the same place, as if rooted to the spot, who turns out not to be the owner. Totally incredible.

History TV seems to be stuck with this inferior production. Perhaps they could unload it on Kid TV where the juvenile antics would find a more appropriate audience. Even so I'd recommend the 2 am time slot.

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Ine Gerber said...

Little remains to be said - this episode was awful. If this series is so popular as they claim it to be, perhaps the producers could provide Paul with a decent clothing budget, and replace the host with someone who does not act like he is suffering from an attention deficit disorder.