Thursday, 27 December 2007

Top baby names in England and Wales

The GRO has released the list of top baby names for 2007.


Once again, there is no change at the top, with Jack the number one boys' name. Thomas also retains his second place slot with 5803 boys sharing the name in 2007. The only movement in the top five is the exchange of places between Joshua and Oliver to third and fourth respectively, with Harry remaining fifth.

Jayden, which is now the 32nd most popular boys' name, has been climbing steadily since its appearance in the top 100 in 2004.

Mohammed has risen from 73rd five years ago to 17th in 2007.

Grace, who only joined the top five last year, is now the most popular name for girls. Ruby has also increased in popularity and, with 4355 girls sharing the name, is the second choice for girls in 2007. Last year's most popular girls' name, Olivia, is third. Emily has risen one place to fourth and Jessica has fallen two places to fifth.

Evie has climbed 46 places in the last five years, making it the 15th most popular choice for girls in 2007.

Names move in and out of fashion. None of the top five boys or girls names in 1964 rank in the 2007 top five. Fashions also come back. Thomas, 2nd amongst boys in 2007 was 4th in 1904.

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