Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Call for Genealogical-Based Stories for a New Television Show

This message is posted, as received, for those with US genealogy interests, and those interested in developments in TV genealogy.

My name is Agustina Perez and I am a Producer of a new television series called, "What's My Story?" Our series is currently in the development phase and will revolve around the genealogical-based stories belonging to the everyman (and woman) as opposed to celebrities or known personalities. In fact, we are in the process of avidly searching for participants to be featured on our series. Our goal is to find participants from diverse backgrounds who are genuinely interested in undertaking a real journey of discovery -- one that explores their family tree, uncovers their family history and unveils fascinating and poignant facts about the social history surrounding the lives of their ancestors.

I am writing to you this afternoon because we need your assistance in locating engaging participants (to be featured on show) with compelling family questions or mysteries. Perhaps there are some clients that you are currently working with who would like to or wouldn't mind having their quest documented on film? Or perhaps you've come in contact with potential clients who have intriguing family stories/questions but who do not have the resources (time or money) to delve into their family history. As far as story parameters are concerned, we would like to find stories that can be filmed within the U.S. (for the first season.) However, if you know of interesting stories that venture into international territory, please send them our way and we may refer to them once we begin the second season. Also, at this point, we are only interested in going three to four generations deep, principally due to the availability of archival photos and footage to visually augment the stories.

Lastly, we are seeking to hire genealogists on a contract-basis to assist us with our research tasks. If you are interested in working with us, please email me with your availability from March until August 2009, your contracted rates, and if you would be interested in being an on-camera guest/expert. If you are not interested in being contacted by our show, please email me and with a request to be removed from this group list.

Our goal is a rather ambitious one. We would like to receive 500 stories by the beginning of next week. Hence, we could truly use the muscle of the grassroots mechanism. If you are a member of another genealogical association, please pass the word along. We have a website noted below for people who may be interested in applying to be on the show.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to potentially working with you in the future.

Agustina Perez Producer, BYU Broadcasting What's My Story? 510.449.4307
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