Thursday, 30 April 2009

Brenan’s Funeral Home, Saint John, NB

Earlier this month the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick added an online database of records from Brenan’s Funeral Home from 1901 to 1959.

The amount of information available varies, and is often sparse in the early years. Below is a record from mid-period. Note the mention of a notice in the Times and Telegraph. It would be nice if all funeral homes made their records similarly available.

Date 1931.03.12
Name of deceased Arthurs, Myrtle V.
Marital status Married
Spouse Arthurs, Daniel
Residence76 Exmouth Street
Place of Death
Place of BirthSaint John, NB
Date of Birth
Mother Bassett, Agnes
Place of BirthSaint John, NB
Father Train, Lewis D.
Place of BirthSaint John, NB
InterredFernhill Cemetery
PhysicianNugent & Peat, Drs.
NoticeTimes & Telegraph
ClergyPhilpots, Rev.
CommentOrdered by husband, Daniel Arthurs
Cause of death

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