Friday, 19 June 2009's census webinar

I missed the first few minutes of this presentation which started at 8:30 pm EDT on Thursday June 18 joining just as Lesley Anderson and Glenn Wright started into their presentation. Having heard a good part of it at the Ottawa FHC earlier in the year there wasn't a lot new for me. It was solid material, especially for those not familiar with the details of the Canadian censuses from 1851/2 now indexed at

I'd like to have had the presentation include some search cases. Although tips and tricks were mentioned it's better to see them in action. There was enough material in the presentation as it was so maybe that's for part two.

There was an opportunity to feedback on several questions during the presentation. I was surprised than 60% of those responding had ancestors who came from the UK.

The area most in need of improvement was the sound quality. Although still comprehensible it wasn't good for any of the speakers, especially for Lesley which had noise and an occasional echo.

Thanks to for trying this venture. Compared to TNA's podcasts it certainly helps having the visuals. And where's LAC?

Apparently the presentation will be archived and available for watching/listening on demard in a few days.

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