Sunday, 26 July 2009

Internet Genealogy -- August/September 2009

The latest issue of the magazine Internet Genealogy arrived in the mail on Friday and features on the front cover Digital Maps Online: we look at the best resources for finding old maps on the 'net!

The item is four pages long starting on page 22, an article by George G. Morgan well-known US genealogist and one half of the genealogy guys. Morgan does a nice job describing some important US map resources, the David Rumsey Map Collection, the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, and others. Given the richness of the resources he mentions, and the desirability of showing some examples, he runs out of space to cover non-US resources. The article does include a section toward the end on "locate historical maps for everywhere" which suggests doing a Google search with the name of the location and "historical map".

Other articles in the issue include: North Carolina online; Hamburg passenger lists online; British World War II merchant vessel cards; Grading the next generation; Top 10 sites for Norwegian genealogy ... and that's just half of it. The full contents of the issue should be listed here along with subscription information.

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