Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Irish Newspaper Archives

I've yet to find a reason to delve deeply into Irish family history so here's a resource that may be familiar to those who do; it's new to me.

Irish Newspaper Archives provides access to over 2 million pages from these titles: Sunday Independent (1906-2002); Anglo-Celt (1846-2008, suspended publication for six years in the early 1860s); City Tribune (1984-2009); Connacht Sentinel (1927-2009); Connacht Telegraph (1909-2009); Connacht Tribune (1984-2009); Connaught Telegraph (1975-2003); Donegal News (1980-2001); Freemans Journal (1763-1924); Irish Independent (1905-2001); Irish Farmers Journal (1957 -1998); Leitram Observer (1904-1998); Meath Chronicle (1897-2007); Munster Express (1908-2004); Nation (1894-1897); Nenagh Guardian (1900-2009); Southern Star (1892-2008); Sunday Independent (1906-2002); Tuam Herald (1994-2000); Westmeath Examiner (1882-2008).

Notice the two highlighted titles, the only ones that predate the latter part of the 19th century. The Freemans Journal has also been digitized by the 19th century British Newspaper Library for 1800-1900, along with the Belfast News-letter (1867-1900).

Additions promised at the Leinster Journal (1767-1828), and the Kerryman (1950 - 2008).

Searching is free but mostly you don't get much of an idea of the content from the snippet view result shown.

Individual subscriptions cost €10.00 ($16.25 Cdn) for 24 hours, and are available for various periods up to 1 Year for €350.00


Miriam said...

Great resource! Thanks, John.

John said...

At 10 Euros / day or 350 per year, I don't see much use for this archive.