Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ulster Street Directories go online

If God was/is Irish what denomination? That's a question plaguing Chris Patton, obviously a troubling issue for someone in his position!

The post on his Scottish Genealogy News and Events Blog is worth reading, not only for the comment, but for the news and information about Ulster Street Directories. Go to his blog posting for the PRONI directories link.


M. Diane Rogers said...

Good news indeed for me with my County Cavan ancestors! But about the Irish census - if I was irreverent, I might say that God is Canadian. After all, didn't she do all the digitizing work so that the 1911 Irish census could go on-line for free?

Chris Paton said...

God may well be Canadian, but clearly with Scots-Irish blood in him! :)

I'm still plugging for the almighty as a Jamaican though....!