Tuesday, 12 January 2010

How many cousins? The TWO family

A while ago in a posting How many descendants, How many cousins? http://anglo-celtic-connections.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-many-descendents-how-many-cousins.html. I explored the number of cousins that arise from a single ancestor pair, such as 5th great grandparents. Because people have different numbers of children the number of cousins varies and so I showed various scenarios with the TWO, THREE, FOUR etc families. Read the previous posting if you find that confusing. Even if you do read it I'm told you may still be confused.

For the mathematically more adventurous I'm posting charts which show the number of relatives for the TWO, THREE and FOUR families where all branches, not just a single descendant line, follow the family pattern. Below is the chart for the TWO family. It seems to be just about readable! I'll follow up with the THREE and FOUR family charts. You might like to develop them yourself first. As an extra challenge, how many tenth cousins would this member of the TWO family have?

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