Friday, 30 July 2010

LAC rules for copying newspapers

Copied below is a response to a query I posed recently to Library and Archives Canada's Alison Bullock, Director General responsible for Services. My query resulted from the experience of a few colleagues which appeared to reflect a change in the rules.

"Library and Archives Canada's procedures concerning the copying of microfilmed newspapers have not changed. Clients can photograph microfilm displayed on a reader screen, or can make photocopies from microfilm of any newspaper, regardless of date, for personal use.

If the newspaper is more than 100 years old, users can scan pages from microfilm and download these images to a USB key or CD-ROM.

To avoid manual transcription of newspaper information, LAC recommends that clients use one of the other options available to them.

More information on photocopying and reproduction appears on the LAC website at:

It undoubtedly takes someone with a far superior knowledge of the law than this lowly scribe to understand the fine distinction between a photograph of the screen and a USB or CD-ROM copy. I frequently use a digital camera for making research copies in any event so to have this clarified is helpful.

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