Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ancestry Adds Returns of Owners of Land for England and Wales, 1873

Another part of the mini-bonanza of Anglo-Canadian resources added by Ancestry overnight, the complete list is in the posting here, is the less-well-known Return of Owners of Land, 1873 for both England and Wales.

As explained in the volume:

This return is intended to show, with respect to England and Wales (exclusive of the Metropolis),—
  1. The number and names of owners of land of one acre and upwards, whether built upon or not, in each County, with the estimated acreage and annual gross estimated rental of the property belonging to each owner.
  2. The number of owners of land, whether built upon or not, of less than one acre, with the estimated aggregate acreage and the aggregate gross estimated rental of the lands of such owners.
  3. The estimated extent of commons and waste lands in each County.
This is the version originally produced by Archive CD Books Ltd in the UK.

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