Saturday, 20 November 2010

The book of Glasgow anecdote (1912)

This book by Malloch, D. Macleod (Donald Macleod) has been digitized to the Internet Archive by the University of Toronto Library.

In his introduction the author hopes that "any who read this book will find in it much information about Glasgow which is interesting, and many stories of Glasgow citizens which are amusing." Can it achieve this in 2010, 98 years after publication? It should certainly be interesting if you have Glasgow roots. Amusing is a matter of taste, Try this sample.

An Englishman and a Scotsman chanced to meet at a football match, and, contrary to tradition, the Englishman had a bottle while the Scotsman had none.  A few minutes after the game had started a good run was made by one of the visiting forwards. " Good run,"  said the Scotsman. " Fine," said the Englishman, and applied his lips to the bottle, ignoring Sandy's thirsty glances. Later on a goal was scored. " Fine goal," said Sandy. " Grand," said the Englishman, taking another draught, but still not offering it to his neighbour. " I presume you're a bit o' a fitba' player yoursel' ? " said Sandy. " I am," was the proud reply. "I thocht sae," said Sandy. "You're a grand dribbler, but you're no good at passing."

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