Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Findmypast.co.uk adds 233,000 new Australian burial records

The following an announcement from findmypast.co.uk is noted here as many people born in Britain, and likely more than a few in Canada, are likely to be found in this large database. Run those searches for your strays.
We have just published 223,160 burial records for Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, Australia, on findmypast.co.uk 

These records cover the period 1798 to 1999. This information has been made available online thanks to a mammoth project by the Society of Australian Genealogists, a member of the Federation of Family History Societies.

In 1981, SAG began a project to publish online the details from all the gravestones in Rookwood Cemetery. The scale of this task can be appreciated by the fact that the cemetery covers more than 777 acres and is widely regarded as the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere.

Find your ancestors in these records by searching our parish burial records. Select 'New South Wales' from the county list.

What will these records tell me?

When you search these records, in most cases you will be provided with the following information about your ancestors:

First and last names
Date of death
Age at death
Inscription on gravestone
Plot No
Cemetery, place, county and country

A bonus feature of these records is that in many cases, your results will show you any associated records. This means that you can often find other family members and make family connections that may not otherwise have been possible.

In most cases, the associated records will comprise the following information: name, date of death, age at death and inscription on the gravestone.

Find out more about these Rookwood Cemetery records, including the history of the cemetery and the records.

Search the Rookwood Cemetery burial records today to find your ancestors.

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