Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ancestry updates London, England, Poor Law Records, 1834-1940

Ancestry have added new unindexed images to their large collection of London, England, Poor Law Records between 1834-1940.

"The records haven’t yet been transcribed, it’s not possible to search for your relatives automatically. Instead, you should identify which documents your family members are most likely to appear in, then use our browse options to look for their details."
Examples of the types of records found in this collection include:
  • Admission and discharge books of workhouses
  • Registers of individuals in the infirmary
  • Creed registers
  • School registers
  • Registers of children boarded out or sent to various other institutions
  • Registers of apprentices
  • Registers of lunatics
  • Registers of servants
  • Registers of children
  • Registers of relief to wives and children
  • Registers of inmates
  • Registers of indoor poor
  • Registers of deserted children
As usual with updates, Ancestry don't list the files added. I did find an ancestor in a Religious Creed Register for Edmonton Workhouse which I hadn't noticed before.

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