Sunday, 2 January 2011

ACOM year in review

If you purchased ACOM, the stock of at the start of 2010 when it was trading around $14 you would be pretty happy at your year end review to see that you doubled your money.

This chart from Yahoo shows that while the climb has been impressive it hasn't been uninterrupted. May saw a 23%  decline, August one of 10%. The close at the end of the year, $28.32 is down from the year's high of $30.16 on December 22.

During the year there has been a pattern of company insiders exercising options and immediately selling the stock. In the last six months 23 such insider sales occurred. There were no insider purchases. While that may seem ominous more than half the shares are still held by insiders.

Analysts who follow the stock continue to rate it a buy or strong buy although their estimates are for much more modest increases than experienced in the past year.

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