Sunday, 16 January 2011

NGS Quarterly Index Free Online

The National Genealogical Society Quarterly is widely regarded as the premiere genealogical periodical in the US. Now you can search, by title or author, or browse nearly a century of its tables of contents free online at .

NGSQ caters to a domestic clientele. The occasional item, and that often a book review, will have Canadian content identifiable by the title.  You can also find articles authored by Canadians, or Canadian residents. Try Aitken, Hare, Hinchliff, Irvine and, Merriman.

I have to agree with Randy Seaver's comment on his Genea-Musings blog "Every society with a research-oriented publication should put their Tables of contents online so that search engines can find articles. It's a win-win - at a minimum, the society may sell an issue or gain a member. The searcher gets help with his or her research."

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