Saturday, 22 January 2011

Success: LAC digitization on demand

 On Thursday I received a follow-up call from Wendy Papenburg of LAC regarding linking a CEF service file, one I paid to have digitized, on the LAC website. I had been following the procedure in a LAC November 18 information note.

Wendy explained that there are no impediments to the file I ordered being linked, that will happen with all full CEF files requested, and these constitute about a third of all digitization requests. The time frame to get the process in operation will be weeks to a few months.

I was also told that not all digitized files produced will be linked online, either because only a partial file was digitized or the file is not cleared for general public access.

Apparently the digitization service at LAC has been more popular than anticipated. Staff are struggling to keep up with an unanticipated volume of requests. Although not cheap the service is much less costly than the trip to Ottawa for most people, and the quality of the digital images I received was excellent.

If you have a family member who served in the CEF consider giving meaning to the words "Lest we forget" by sponsoring digitization of their service file. It will be a lasting memorial that they served
their country and be there as a continuing  educational resource.

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