Monday, 21 March 2011

Kudos for Doug Hoddinott

It's hard to think of anyone in Ottawa who contributes more to the local family history community.

Now Doug Hoddinott is being recognized by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society. As written up in the Ottawa Branch News:
"Doug has provided the technical support to branch meetings, Gene-O-Rama, Seminar and other events for many years. He has been one of the organizers of the Computer Research Room at Gene-O-Rama, supplying many of the computers for the researchers. Doug has often spoken about various aspects of Family Tree Maker and is always available to discuss computer issues."
Doug will be continuing his service at Gene-O-Rama including giving a presentation "Merging On-Line Data Into Family Tree Maker."

BIFHSGO had previously recognized Doug's contributions in naming him to its Hall of Fame.  The citation reads:
"for his contributions to family history through outstanding service to the Society during the past thirteen years including five years as Membership Director and Vice-President and as an active member of the Conference Planning Committee. He has assisted the Society and many of its members with his expertise in both computer hardware and software. At meetings, conferences and workshops he has provided leadership to ensure the availability of audio-visual facilities. He has made several presentations at Society meetings. His organizational skills and attention to detail has been a major factor contributing to the success of the Society."
Doug will be a speaker at September's BIFHSGO conference on "Family Tree Maker 101: Getting the Most from the Most Popular Genealogy Software"

Congratulations Doug, and thanks for all your contributions.

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Mike More said...

Dolly Allen will also be given a honorary membership in Ottawa Branch along with Doug. Congratulations and thanks to both of them.