Wednesday, 2 March 2011

LAC budget reduction in 2011-12 Main Estimates

The Main Estimates for budget year 2011-12 have been tabled. Library and Archives Canada is estimating expenditures of $113.0 million, a decrease of $7.3 million, or 6.1% from previous Main Estimates.

The decrease is stated as mainly due to:

• An increase of $1.2 million for the conversion to a collection storage facility with a high density shelving system in Gatineau, Quebec;
• An increase of $0.5 million for employee benefits plan;
• A decrease of $6.4 million for the construction of a preservation facility to safeguard Canada’s cellulose nitrate‑based documentary heritage;
• A decrease of $1.6 million to support the modernization of federal laboratories (Budget 2009) (horizontal initiative, Budget 2009); and
• A decrease of $0.9 million for cost containment measures to reduce the rate of growth in operating expenditures announced in Budget 2010.

The specific Estimates document (Report on Planns and Priorities) for Library and Archives Canada does not yet appear to be available online.

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