Thursday, 7 April 2011

BIFHSGO April Meeting - Irish Ancestors: Not Just Names and Dates

Sharon Callaghan, a history and research enthusiast who has completed two books pertaining to Irish Montreal, is the guest speaker next Saturday, 9 April, at 10 am. She has given presentations to genealogy societies, talked to university writing classes, and will be a presenter at the Quebec Family History Society Roots 2011 conference in June.

Her talk on Saturday will deal with research Sharon undertook in compiling her historical non-fiction book, Paths of Opportunity, which relates to the Irish Montreal experience of her great-great-grandparents' family. She collected a lot of genealogical data over many years of research, but it wasn't enough for her. Knowing they were living people and more than statistics, she set out in search of other sources to better portray what their lives had been like and what had been going on around them.

Come for 9am to hear experienced member Hugh Reekie give a 30 minute "Before BIFHSGO" presentation on "Online Older Books: Where to Find Them and How I Use Them."

There will also be a survey conducted to help assign rooms for the annual BIFHSGO conference, September 16-18 at Library and Archives Canada.

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