Monday, 25 April 2011

Family Chronicle: May/June 2011 issue

This is a special Civil War issue - and I almost made the mistake of ending my comment there for all the involvement my ancestors had. Checking the issue index, which has 13 items listed, only four suggest they are on the Civil War so I read further

Up front is Jean Wilcox Hibben who "sings the praises" of doing your research on the road. It's an easy three page read about RVing for the genealogist; actually not quite three pages as one of them has an ad for the BIFHSGO conference.

Closing the issue is another item to "sing the praises," by Thomas MacEntee whose energy must be limitless given the number of things he's into. This is on the FGS conference next September in Illinois.

In between, leaving aside the Civil War items, there are items on the hazards of using other people's research; a case study based on material found in an Ontario attic; uncovering the story of a murderer; a search for 20th century Irish adoptee, and advice on hiring a professional genealogist from Janice Nickerson.

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