Wednesday, 6 April 2011

US military cemetery and related records linked at

I don't normally cover US records, except when a large collection come online. This is an exception as Ancestry have added major military databases. I took a quick look,

There is a collection of images of headstones at major US Military Cemeteries. It's interesting to be able to find them, although the ones I looked at were not especially informative.

There is also a collection of records related to the US Civil War. Some linked to original records; others, like the database of U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865, linked to  images at, a company now owned by but which aside from a free trial period requires an additional subscription.

Here is the list of new additions.

Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria National Cemetery, 1862-20104/5/2011
Annapolis, Maryland, Annapolis National Cemetery, 1862-20094/5/2011
Sharpsburg, Maryland, Antietam National Cemetery, 1866-20054/5/2011
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg National Cemetery, 1863-20094/5/2011
Grafton, West Virginia, Grafton National Cemetery, 1867-20104/5/2011
Baltimore, Maryland, Loudon Park National Cemetery, 1862-20104/5/2011
Florence, South Carolina, Florence National Cemetery, 1865-20104/5/2011
Jefferson City, Missouri, Jefferson City National Cemetery, 1861-20104/5/2011
Leesburg, Virginia, Balls Bluff National Cemetery, 18614/5/2011
Washington, District of Columbia, Battleground National Cemetery, 1864-19364/5/2011
Chalmette, Louisiana, Chalmette National Cemetery, 1864-20034/5/2011
Hopewell, Virginia, City Point National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Corinth, Mississippi, Corinth National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Indianapolis, Indiana, Crown Hill National Cemetery, 1866-19994/5/2011
Danville, Kentucky, Danville National Cemetery, 1862-20034/5/2011
Danville, Virginia, Danville National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Fort Harrison, Virginia, Fort Harrison National Cemetery, 1866-20084/5/2011
Fort Scott, Kansas, Fort Scott National Cemetery, 1862-20104/5/2011
Fort Smith, Arkansas, Fort Smith National Cemetery, 1867-20104/5/2011
Richmond, Virginia, Glendale National Cemetery, 1866-20094/5/2011
Lexington, Kentucky, Lexington National Cemetery, 1868-20104/5/2011
Little Rock, Arkansas, Little Rock National Cemetery, 1868-20104/5/2011
Marietta, Georgia, Marietta National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia National Cemetery, 1862-20104/5/2011
Petersburg, Virginia, Poplar Grove National Cemetery, 1866-19734/5/2011
Richmond, Virginia, Richmond National Cemetery, 1867-20104/5/2011
Salisbury, North Carolina, Salisbury National Cemetery, 1863-20104/5/2011
Sandston, Virginia, Seven Pines National Cemetery, 1866-20094/5/2011
Shiloh, Tennessee, Shiloh National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Staunton, Virginia, Staunton National Cemetery, 1868-20104/5/2011
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Stones River National Cemetery, 1864-20104/5/2011
Vicksburg, Mississippi, Vicksburg National Cemetery, 1866-20104/5/2011
Winchester, Virginia, Winchester National Cemetery, 1862-20104/5/2011
Mechanicsville, Virginia, Cold Harbor National Cemetery, 1866-20084/5/2011
U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865 - Free Index4/5/2011
U.S., Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-18654/5/2011
New York, Town Clerks' Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War, ca 1861-18654/5/2011
Arkansas, Confederate Pension Records, 1891-19354/5/2011
Alabama, Census of Confederate Soldiers, 1907, 19214/5/2011
New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-19004/5/2011
U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-18654/5/2011
U.S., Confederate Pensions, 1884-19584/5/2011
Kansas, Civil War Enlistment Papers, 1862, 1863, 18684/5/2011
Alabama, Confederate Pension and Service Records, 1862-19474/5/2011

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