Monday, 14 November 2011

The Connacht and Munster Landed Estates database

Irish researchers may be interested in "a comprehensive and integrated resource guide to landed estates and historic houses in Connacht and Munster, c. 1700-1914" at

You can search by estate, family (2,700) and house (4,500 including images). There is a map of the locations. 

A tip of the hat to Jane MacNamara for pointing me to the website for this project and commenting that the list of "Reference Sources" which has some wonderfully obscure titles. I surfed around and chanced on:

- a project "Death and Funerary Practices, 1829-1901" to digitise, preserve and disseminate a substantial hand-written, local history collection of nineteenth-century newspaper obituaries, hedgestone inscriptions and maps of burial grounds dating from Catholic Emancipation to Queen Victoria’s death (1829-1901).

- a flickr set of photos of Munster, at

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