Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Minister puts brakes on Library and Archives changes — for now

Chris Cobb from the Ottawa Citizen reports that:

 "The federal government has partially and temporarily retreated from its proposed restriction on community groups using Library and Archives Canada."

“to facilitate a smooth transition from the current charging regime to one that is fully consistent with government policy, while recognizing the requirement to allow community organizations to adapt to the changes."

“Minister Ambrose is committed to keeping the space at the Library and Archives in Ottawa accessible to community groups,” she added. “The Library and Archives (LAC) Auditorium and the two ground floor meeting rooms will continue to be open to community groups - and community groups will continue to have priority access to this space.”

Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Minister+puts+brakes+Library+Archives+changes/5641332/story.html#ixzz1cVj1jVks

Comment:  This is the second time in a year a Ministerial override of a LAC-related decision has been necessary.


Anonymous said...

Note on "Note" -- while there may have been "a Ministerial override of a LAC-related decision" last year involving the Iranian movie and the Ottawa's Free Thinking Film Society, this is NOT the case here. Public Works is now in control of the auditorium and "public spaces" located at 395 Wellington. It is Public Works, its bureaucrats and its Minister Rona Ambrose who are now making the decisions not the LAC.

Mike More said...

John, I noticed a couple of items in the article:

1. Ambrose’s commitment remains vague on what process the groups will have to go through to book space in 2012.

So we still don't know how to get back in there.

2. Space at LAC has been fully booked, day and night, for years and is booked to capacity until the end of this year...by the end of this year will have accommodated 350 events.

As you and I know there are at least four venues on the ground floor (Auditorium, Room 154, Room 156 and Exhibition A). I know that some groups may book all for a couple of days but I have been in there many times in the past year when we were the only event in one of the rooms. I find it hard to believe that they are booked to capacity night and day. Maybe it's true, since LAC forgot that Ottawa Branch OGS was also locked out on the night of the Iran film.