Monday, 21 November 2011

Reliable and current information on heraldry

Looking for leads on heraldry? On October 12 Robert D. Watt, former Chief Herald of Canada gave a presentation to the BC Genealogical Society.

A handout on "Selected web sources for reliable and current information on heraldry: sources, images, history, applications, further contacts" is available as a pdf at:

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canadarod said...


To avoid singular frustration, your readers might benefit from knowing that the College of Heralds in England deigns the use of emails and has a fee structure that is scary.
Combined with delays that make a lawyer's office look speedy, the experience is..... sometimes frustrating.
Having said that, which amounts to caveat emptor, it is a fascinating field, full of puzzles and enigma.
And Coats of Arms are granted to individuals, not as our American friends believe, to families through unlimited generations.