Sunday, 20 November 2011

TNA Podcast: Exploding the mysteries of the Bomb Census

In this shortish presentation Andrew Janes explains how you can research details of bombing incidents using the maps, photographs and other records originally made for the Ministry of Home Security's Bomb Census, which are now held at The National Archives. Important sources for researching Second World War bombing are also held in archives elsewhere and the talk shows how this additional information can help you to build up a much richer picture of an incident. 

You may be interested in the Google mapping of V2 rocket sites, rockets which killed 9,000 Londoners in 1944, at

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Anonymous said...

My father went to London sometimes in '44-'45, when he had leave from his military course in Stoke-on-Trent. He told me it was a dangerous place to be. Now I truly know why. The commentaries by people whose families experienced this bombing give me a new appreciation and a much clearer picture of it all. I thought this site would have no interest for me-I was wrong! MAS