Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Ottawa Morning interview

On Tuesday morning I had the pleasure, despite the early hour, of being interviewed on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning program by the new host, Robyn Bresnahan, on the petition drive I've undertaken regarding naming the building housing the main City Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive.

Here it is, for the record: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Radio/Local_Shows/Ontario/Ottawa_Morning/1366095551/ID=2176229230


Cannuk said...

You did well, John, but YUCK! What an awful, self-important interviewer! Could she have been any more patronizing! Clearly not very well researched. She had to look up the place on the internet during the interview! She didn't know that you were retired ("Good for you"...give me strength), or what you do now, or what you did before.

I'm far away in another province, so I haven't been following this issue, but it is still clear to me that she was treating you as a crank.

Thank you for maintaining your dignity.

Jane MacNamara said...

Excellent interview, John. Council would be wise to leave the building nameless for a while. What a great opportunity to put some information out about the 19 candidates, and get a discussion going. Bit of an election campaign?