Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Genealogy books, only in the UK?

Browsing for the keyword genealogy, seemingly loosely defined, reveals the following as the most popular non-fiction books designated as "available to UK customers only."

Who Do You Think You Are? Encyclopedia of Genealogy: The definitive reference guide to tracing your family history... by Barratt, Nick

A 1950s Childhood: From Tin Baths to Bread and Dripping by Feeney, Paul

Bradshaw's Handbook to London by Bradshaw, George

London's Strangest Tales by Quinn, Tom

The Genealogist's Internet: The Essential Guide to Researching Your Family History Online by Christian, Peter

A 1960s Childhood: From Thunderbirds to Beatlemania (Childhood Memories) by Feeney, Paul

What's in a Surname?: A Journey from Abercrombie to Zwicker by McKie, David

The Great British Tuck Shop by Berry, Steve and Norman, Phil

Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy by Weir, Alison

Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837 by Oates, Jonathan

So are we deprived of these in Canada?  The answer is no. Each one is available through, and they're all available in Kindle editions.

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian living in the UK I have benefited from several of the books you mentioned (plus others and discs from genealogy fairs & magazines, and family history societies)but the one thing I lack being able to get a hold of here is Canadian items for my research. Perhaps I should check to see if there are ones I could get sent here.