Saturday, 18 January 2014

Top 100 genealogy sites

GenealogyInTime online magazine are out with their list of top 100 genealogy websites. This is the third year its been compiled, a lot of work so we can have a clear picture of the field. It includes all kinds of strictly genealogy sites, pay and free.

Knowing what to include is tricky. Sites of broader scope, such as archives and libraries, utility sites like Google and social media sites like Facebook, don't get ranked. We know that a large proportion of the visitors to archives, and likely to their websites, do so in pursuit of their family history. That's why you'll often see those in top sites for genealogy lists, but not in this compilation.

Sites like newspaperarchive and are included in the ranking although they could well be visited by non-genealogists.

In the final analysis the decision on what to include is a matter of good judgement.

The top ten ranked sites are:

2 Find A Grave
3 FamilySearch
7 GeneaNet

There's a complete list and discussion of the results at

In case you're interested, Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections ranked 63rd, a considerable jump from last year. I suspect it includes visits to the .ca, .com and other national flavours of blogspot. The high ranking is thanks to you, and everyone else who visited, and especially those who contributed tips.


Saskey said...

Congratulations, John. If I read correctly, yours is the second highest blog, after Dick Eastman. Well done - you must be dong something right.


Susan said...

Congratulations John, well done. Proud to be a reader.

Alona Tester said...

Congrats from an avid reader of your blog from Australia ;-).