Sunday, 9 November 2014

Library and Archives Canada: At the Crossroads

My heart skipped a beat as I read toward the end of this article by National Librarian and Archivist Guy Berthiaume. Published in the August issue of the Canadian Library Association's bimonthly Feliciter he writes:

"I would like to see some of our most compelling documents on display in the centre of Ottawa, at 395 Wellington Street." 
"Thousands of people turned out to view the Canadian constitution when it was displayed in Ottawa a few years ago, in all its rain-spattered authenticity. LAC can encourage this relationship, restore a sense of discovery, and contribute to national pride and shared heritage. In short, help Canadians know themselves."
Displaying key documents from the national collection is something I've been advocating LAC should be doing for some while. It should be quality, not quantity. LAC does not need an expensive program to continually mount new themed exhibits. Leave that for the museums.

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