Sunday, 11 January 2015

BIFHSGO Survives Transition

The relief was palpable on the faces of the BIFHSGO Board when 199 people came out on Saturday morning for the society first meeting of 2015 in the new location, the old Nepean council chambers at Centrepointe. That's comparable to attendances at the former Library and Archives Canada site, now too expensive. Although the room doesn't seat as many as the LAC auditorium it was more than adequate.
Many people commented the new location is an easier to get to, and benefits from adequate free parking.
The photo was taken during the educational session given by Ken MacKinlay -- it helps to have a popular speaker lead off prior to the main event. Long-time BIFHSGO member Patricia Roberts-Pichette brought stagecraft to her well-researched presentation on a British ancestor's involvement in the life of an Abyssinian prince.

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