Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eastville Workhouse Burials

Would you feel at ease in the company of "footballers, artists, techies, drunks, rioters, publicans, ranters, ravers, academics, Cancan dancers, anarchists, stoners and other ne’r do wells.". If so there's a group in Bristol, England, where you'd feel right at home.
This motley crew, known as the Bristol Radical History Group, are placing on their website a data listing by decade of the burials at Rosemary Green where people who died in Eastville Workhouse found their final resting place in unmarked graves. So far data is available for 1860 to 1879. It looks like more will be added very soon.
Data given are date of death/burial, names, age, parish, gave number and comments. Each decade has a listing of those deceased and summary statistics. Number of burials varies, from 56 in 1861 to 131 in 1870.
While at the site check out the free written articles and publications from the Bristol Radical Pamphleteer.

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