Saturday, 17 January 2015

Findmypast Friday Additions

The lucky dip known as Findmypast Friday continues this week with three additional sets of British records plus additions to the digitized newspaper collection.

London, Docklands and East End Marriages, 1558-1859
92,250 entries are found in this transcription collection of the original registers. Look for: name of bride, bride’s parish, name of groom, groom’s parish, date of wedding, where the wedding took place, marital status of both bride and groom, groom’s occupation. The focus is pre-19th century.

British Army Bond of Sacrifice: Officers Died in the Great War 1914-1916
2,607 officer biographies from two volumes of the Bond of Sacrifice, volume 1 covered the first four months of the war to December 1914, volume 2 the first six months of 1915. Names are in alphabetical order and most of these exceptionally complete entries include a photo portrait and a short biography with parents’ names, educational background, achievements and, when present, spouse’s name and children’s names. The entries also detail the officer’s military career and often include a description about how the officer lost his life. Many include comments from commanding officers about the bravery and gallantry of the officer under their command. No further volumes were issued.

Derbyshire, Derby Railway Servants' Orphanage Registers, 1875-1912
There are just 1,421 transcription entries from these registers and while the amount of information varies but you may find: name, date of birth, whether they were church (Church of England) or chapel (non-conformist Protestant), signature on arrival at the orphanage, father’s occupation, father's date of death, father's cause of death, number and ages of children orphaned, mother’s address, employment prospects, behaviour, departure date, signature on leaving, comments.

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