Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ottawa Rewind: cool stories about Ottawa

History blogger Andrew King explores stories from Ottawa and area past in this well researched and written blog.

The most recent post is THE LEGEND OF LOST GOLD: Buried treasure on the shores of Lake Ontario tells the tale of French treasure supposed to have been buried during the Seven Years War at what is now Sandbanks Provincial Park, and explores the geography today.

Previous posts are:

IT’S A WONDERFUL TOWN: Exploring what may be the real Bedford Falls from “It’s A Wonderful Life”
Remains Of 140 year old Canadian Pacific Railway Still On NCC Parkway
Spaceships of the 401
FOR OUR EYES ONLY: 007 in Ottawa
Debunking the Bunker: Ottawa's nuclear reactor
The Mystery of the Champlain Stone
Ghost Train to the Airport
Crash of the Canso
Night of the Zeppelin
Ancient Ottawa: Lost relics from 5BC found at Constance Bay
The Jean-Richard: Ottawa's hidden shipwreck
The Orenda Ring

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turner said...

Brilliant again John! Those are terrific posts. Re: the one about the siting of the proposed rail line: I grew up in Westboro, and the vacant land around the old John Cole House, now the Keg, was my playground. I knew that old train bridge tunnel very well. I once spent the night in it, aged 15.