Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Fate of Your Family History Research

Concerned about what will happen to the family history material you've collected over years of research? Do you have visions of it ending up in a landfill?
If your ancestry is locally focused you may find a local archives, museum or similar organization ready to take it. But it will be much more acceptable if it's organized.
In Canada if you've written a Canadian family history consider donating a copy to Library and Archives Canada. You can visit the collection of these book in the genealogy section on the thord floor at 365 Wellington in Ottawa.
If your ancestry is British consider if it would be acceptable to the Society of Genealogists. Take a look at the pdf The Society of Genealogists welcomes your research!
Perhaps your material would meet the requirements of FamilySearch. Check out their pdf Gifts, Donations, and Loans to FamilySearch


Douglas Hill said...

To preserve my research I published one 168-page book distributed to family AND with copies in LAC, and three other public libraries. Printing was on acid-free paper.

I have also given away a wall chart to family members. I am now writing a second, 200 page, book on my wife's family.
Finally, I have left instructions with my will saying that there is nothing of value that is not in the books, so my stuff can be discarded if no budding family genealogist is found to take over.
Douglas Hill

Nathan Murphy said...

I'd like to preserve my pedigree in the London College of Arms (eventually).