Friday, 17 April 2015

Another reason to volunteer with your FHS

During National Volunteer's Week at last Saturday's BIFHSGO meeting everyone who volunteers with the Society was asked to stand --  a goodly number did, but not a majority -- and were recognized. Do you know a non-profit, including family history society, that's not looking for volunteers?
New research from Johns Hopkins University "suggest that retirees who take part in meaningful social activity can prevent shrinkage in their brains’ memory centers and avert age-related cognitive problems."  There are benefits both ways.
Read the story Senior Volunteers Ward Off Brain 'Shrinkage' at
And in case you think an extra round of golf would be just as effective, check out this article from Deric's Mindblog which concludes:

"there is no evidence for an increase in relative risk reduction in cognitive decline as a function of increasing levels of physical activity."

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