Thursday, 2 April 2015

LAC adds items from the Winkworth Collection

Thanks in part to the financial support of the Friends of Library and Archives Canada LAC was able to make the following acquisitions from the Winkworth collection at the recent Christie’s auction in London:

A large oil painting of a fish hatchery in Newcastle, N.B., painted by Edward Scope Shrapnel in 1883;

A two-volume illustrated journal, titled journal of a tour in Canada, the United States and Jamaica, 1833-1835, by Alfred Domett, a British colonial secretary (1811-1877);

Drawings, on paper in pencil, sepia and blue wash, of scenes of pioneer life circa 1831. Both, done by Capt. James Edward Alexander, a British officer and illustrator.

Competition at the auction was strong, especially from Canadian bidders, with total sales nearly three times the initial estimate.

Based on information from the Globe and Mail.

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