Wednesday, 28 October 2015

FamilySearch has Nova Scotia Delayed Births, 1837-1904

When civil registration was in force Nova Scotia births were supposed to be registered within one year. Lacking that a special type of birth certificate was available showing not only the facts of birth for the child but also the types of evidence presented to back up the facts of birth.

FamilySearch claims there are 143,618 records for this Nova Scotia Delayed Births, 1837-1904 database. I only found 73,944 with the breakdown by decade:

1831-40: 14 records
1841-50: 128 records
1851-60: 779 records
1861-70: 2,016 records
1871-80: 6,233 records
1881-90: 18,650 records
1891-1900: 29,721 records
1901 -1910: 15,467 records

The originals are archived at the Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

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