Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to get tons of volunteers working on everything that you need

It could be there's an attraction in a harsh desert environment that's so different from that of a family history society event that the advice in this article isn't pertinent. I doubt it.

What's the secret sauce? According to Michael O. Cooper
"Intrinsic motivation, encouraging mutual respect, nurturing, self-determination, creativity, cooperation, having fun and showing love . . . are exceptionally powerful."

The details are in the article under headings:

1. Focus on organizational sustainability
2. Come from love
3. Lead by example
4. Make your work fun (did someone say "in every job that must be done there's an element of fun")
5. Screen your team carefully and distribute work equitably
6. Set and communicate clear expectations early and often
7. Mother the martyrs
8. Shepherd resources wisely
9. Provide shade and encourage rest, recuperation and down time
10. Recognize and support high contributors
11. Appreciate all efforts

Is there something you could learn from this, or are you doing everything perfectly already?

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Susan Gail Roger said...

I volunteered at Victoria Hospice for nearly twenty years and the most abiding impression I carried away from the staff was that the volunteers were an essential component of the programme and were treated as such. I felt valued.