Thursday, 19 November 2015

What's LAC talking about in 2015?

Two phrases from LAC's mandate "the continuing memory of the government of Canada and it's institutions" and "benefit of present and future generations" occur in some form in seven of the 11 speeches Librarian and Archivist Guy Berthiaume has given in 2015.
To underline the benefit he mentions, in six of those speeches, that LAC has "one of the most popular websites in the Government of Canada, with an average of 1.8 million visits a month."
Leaving out stop words, the most frequently used words in his speeches are: LAC - 255 mentions, digital - 207, Canada - 180, government - 145, archives - 137, national - 118, library - 106, records - 99, information - 95, memory - 94, heritage - 90.
Further down the list are 50 mentions of archivists, 41 for Canadians, 30 for clients, 29 for partners, 26 for librarians, 10 each for citizens and professionals, nine for researchers, three for historians and genealogists (the largest single client group).
In a social media age there at seven mentions of Flickr, four for YouTube, and one each for Facebook and Twitter.
I used the text analysis tool AntConc to compile the statistics.

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