Thursday, 31 December 2015

Thanks to contributors for 2015

2015 saw 1043 items posted on the blog, made possible by those who helped and encouraged this year by posting comments, questions, providing information, completing polls and surveys, or publicizing the blog, including;

Agrarian, Alex, Alison, Alona, Ann, Anne, Anonymous, Arlene, Arthur, Audrey,
Bankie, Barbara, Bill, Blaine, Brenda, Bob, Brian, Bruce, Bryan
Cannuk, CeCe, Celia, Chad, Charles, Chris, Christine, Claire, Cliff, Cyndi.
Daniel, Dave, David, Dawn, Debb, Debbie, Del, Dena, Denis, Derek, Devon, Di, Diana, Diane, Dianne, Dick, Don, Donald, Dorothy, Doug, Douglas.
Edward, Elayne, Elizabeth, Ellen, Else.
Gail, Gary, Geoff, Glenn, Gloria, Guy, Gwyneth,
Hazel, Heather, Heidi, Helen, Hilary, Holly, Howard, Hugh,
Ian, Infolass.
Jackie, James, Jana, Jane, Janet, Janice, Jean, Jennifer, Jessica, Jill, Jim, Jo, Joanne, John, Julie
Karen, Kathleen, Ken, Kerryn, Kirsty, Kitty, Kyla
Lamda, Leanne, Leighann, Lesley, Leslie, LDC, Linda, Lorine, Lorri, Louis, Louise, Lucille, Lynn, Lynne,
Malcolm, Mark, Mary, Mary Anne, Maurice, Mike, Miles.
Nancy, Nathen, Neil, Nicka, Norm.
Pat, Patti, Paul, Pauleen, Pauline, Peggy, Persephone, Peter.
Randy, Richard, Rick, Robert, Roberta, Rod. Romaine.
Sandra, Saskey, Sharn, Sharon, Shauna, Shirley, Shirley Ann, Sophie, Stephanie, Stephen, Steve, Susan,
Tad, Tamara, Tara, Terry, Tessa, Thomas
Wallace, Wayne, Wendy, William

Included are bloggers, Facebookers and Google+ posters, tweeters and folks who send out information on new resources from various organizations from the family history community.

With apologies to anyone overlooked.

Thank you all, and not forgetting the silent majority of readers:

Happy New Year.

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