Wednesday, 20 January 2016

News via Lost Cousins

I've previously recommended a free subscription to Peter Calver's Lost Cousins Newsletter. The mid-January edition is an excellent example of why.

Read it and you'll learn:

1. From noon (London time) on Friday 22nd January until the same time on Monday 25th January all four of Findmypast's sites will be free (the only records excluded from the offer are the modern UK Electoral Registers and the recently released 1939 Register).

2. LostCousins is opened for free until midnight next Tuesday.

3. From the 16th February 2016, Findmypast's premium record set, the 1939 Register, will be made available to 12 month Britain and World subscribers as part of their subscription packages, giving them unlimited access to the records of 30.5 million people.  [Comment:  I kew this would come, but didn't expect it so soon.]

4. Findmypast is increasing the price of new subscriptions by 20% on February 16th, but.freezing the price of their next renewal on our 12 month subscription packages. [Comment: If you don't have a Findmypast subscription, and are a BIFHSGO member, now would be an excellent time to take advantage of the special BIFHSGO member discount on a subscription.]

There's lots more news where that came from.

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