Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Upcoming online courses from Pharos Teaching and Tutoring

Helen Osborne has a variety of online course of interest to those wanting to improve their British genealogy skills and knowledge.

Course TitleStarting DateCourse LengthCost
Beginners Guide to Creating and Researching Your Family Tree (#020)1/1/20163 Weeks£22.99
Introduction to One-Name Studies (#901)1/8/20165 Weeks£49.99
Introduction to Medieval Genealogy (#501)1/11/20165 Weeks£49.99
One-Place Studies - Research from a New Perspective (#317)1/11/20163 Weeks£35.99
Tracing Beneficiaries - A Step by Step Guide (#741)1/27/20165 Weeks£54.99
So You Think You Know Family Search - A Guided Tour (#206)2/2/20164 Weeks£39.99
Professional Genealogist - Become one, become a better one (#941)2/26/20164 Weeks£47.99
Dead and Buried, Not Forgotten - Churchyards, Cemeteries … (#214)3/8/20162 Weeks£27.99
Your Military Ancestors (#224)3/31/20164 Weeks£45.99
Scottish Research Online (#102)4/5/20165 Weeks£49.99
Organizing Your Genealogy (#202)4/5/20163 Weeks£33.99
Tying the Knot - Marriage and its Records (#212)4/12/20163 Weeks£34.99
Victorian Families - Your Ancestors in the Census (#208)4/20/20165 Weeks£49.99
The National Archives Website and Catalogue - Finding People (#207)4/22/20163 Weeks£34.99
Victorian Crime and Punishment - Courts, police and prisons (#308)4/26/20165 Weeks£45.99

Find out more at www.pharostutors.com/calendar.php

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