Thursday, 21 April 2016

Free the census

Paul Woodrow from Kingston emailed me regarding census day coming up on May 10.   
I searched for and found the questions on the 2016 census, as I wanted to see how the 92 year question would be worded.  Here is the text just before question #10:
"This question is for all persons listed on the questionnaire.  If you are answering on behalf of other people, please consult each person."
Then follows Question 10:
"Does this person agree to make his or her 2016 Census information available in 2108 (92 years after the Census)?
Only if you answer "Yes" will your responses be available to future generations and historical researchers, 92 years after the 2016 census, in 2108."
1.  Yes
2.  No"
The same wording appears in the Short and Long Form Census.  In the Long Form, there is a "Step G" at the end, in which the same question is asked again, with the word "Census" replaced by "National Household Survey".  The preamble includes the added phrase "including children younger than 15" at the end of the first sentence.
While this is likely preaching to the choir I, and Paul. encourage you to answer Yes and so make your information available to future researchers after 92 years.

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