Friday, 20 May 2016

15 Fantastic Genealogy Books

Here are a few genealogy titles I never expect to see.

My Ancestor was a Slum Landlord
Fascinate Your Family with Anatafel
A Teenager's Guide to Genealogy Society Meetings
A Senior's Guide to The NextGen Genealogy Network
Overwhelmed by Volunteers?
The New Quick and Easy Method For Compiling Your Complete Family Tree With DNA
Professional Genealogy: a manual on quantifying confidence
A Professional's Guide to Enhancing Credibility of Dubious Genealogy
Extreme Source Citation for the OCD Afflicted
Trace Your Rockall Roots Online
Mastering the Art of Swapping Lederhosen for a Kilt
Endogamy: a dog's life
The 15 Habits of Highly Extravagant Genealogists
Palaeography for Genetic Genealogists
Drumpf's Presidential Guide to the Genetics and Genealogy of Small Hands


Persephone said...

Someone should write these! I'd read 'em!

Gail B said...

Me too! I love these titles. May I have permission to send a copy, with attribution, to the several branches of the OGS to which I belong, for possible use in their newsletters? All the branches are in deep need of content, and, I suspect, a light laugh now and then.

Gail B in St. C.

crgalvin said...

"The Dead found by the Dying"