Friday, 27 May 2016

OGS Conference 2016 in perspective

A week's time will see hundreds of genealogists and family historians gathering at the International Plaza Hotel, near Toronto International Airport, for the Ontario Genealogical Society annual conference. What will they hear? I've taken the titles and summaries of all the presentation and submitted them to word and phrase analysis.

Omitting stop words here are the most frequently appearing words in the titles and in summaries, with number of mentions:

RankTitle WordsRankSummary Words
1genealogy (16)1family (56)
2new (12)2records (45)
3research (9)3research (43)
3family (9)4genealogy (43)
5dna (8)5dna (33)
6history (6)6history (29)
7records (5)7online (23)
8tools (4)8genealogists (20)
8genetic (4)9resources (17)
8digital (4)9information (17)
9genealogical (17)

Here are the most mentioned two word phrases in the titles and summaries:

RankTitle PhrasesRankSummary Phrases
1what's new (9)1family history (22)
2family history (6)2genetic genealogy (10)
3new at (5)3social media (7)
4your family (4)3autosomal dna (7)
4new in (4)

Notice the prominence of DNA and genetic genealogy, along with the word new, in keeping with the theme of genealogy at the cutting edge. The lack of the words Ontario or Canada, is surprising even though a large majority of the presenters are Canadians, including many Ontarians.

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Susan Jensen said...

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