Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Accessions to the City Of Ottawa Central Archives

In June 2013 this blog carried lists of fonds transferred, and to be transferred, from Library and Archives Canada to the City Of Ottawa Central Archives.

The majority of the records transferred from LAC are now described and available online through the Ottawa Museums and Archives Collections (OMAC) website,  Those that were on the "to be transferred list" came to the City in January this year

Alastair Napier fonds
Centre Amusement Co. Ltd. fonds
Gloucester Environmental Advisory Committee fonds
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees loca1 95 fonds
Niven's Woods Conservancy fonds
Ottawa Agricultural Society
Ottawa Allied Printing Trades Council fonds
Ottawa and District Labour Council Ottawa Civic Employees' association
Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
Ottawa Horticultural Society fonds
Ottawa Presbyterial Women's Missionary Society fonds
Ottawa Stewardship Sector Project fonds
Religious Society of Friends in Canada. Ottawa Group fonds
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church fonds (Ottawa, Ont.)
St. Hyacinth Church fonds
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America fonds

Process for the following material is not complete

Accession 2015.0196.3 – March Township fonds
Accession 2015.0196.5 - Ottawa Canoe Club fonds (MG029, described but not loaded up to the OMAC)
Accession 2015.0196.13 – Fitzroy Township fonds
Accession 2015.0196.19 – Charlotte Elizabeth Whitton fonds (RG007-06-09, described but not loaded to the OMAC)
Accession 2015.0196.28 – Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ont. fonds
Accession 2016.0005.3 – Gloucester Environmental Advisory Committee fonds
Accession 2016.0005.8 – Ottawa and District Labour Council fonds (MG566, described but not loaded to the OMAC)
Accession 2016.0005.15 – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church fonds (Ottawa, Ont.) (MG223, described but not loaded to the OMAC)

In summary, 37 of 45 fonds are described and available through the OMAC.  An additional four fonds are described and immediately available to researchers.  Outstanding are 4 fonds that require arrangement work.

Of interest for genealogy may be membership lists for the societies, some of which go back to the 19th century.
The Nepean Township fonds, which include assessment rolls, are undergoing conservation as they were received with mold. It's unclear whether the March and Fitzroy Township Finds also contain assessment rolls.
A few fonds may have limited access where they are more recent or require a confidentiality agreement be signed.

Thanks to John D. Lund, Digital Records Archivist at the City of Ottawa Archives, for the updated information.

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